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The following policy will apply when there are no other functions or activities requiring bar service after 8.00pm and there are less than six (6) patrons left on the premises Bar staff are to call last drinks at 7.30pm Members/Visitors to vacate the premises by 8.00pm The above is to be observed unless exceptional circumstances […]

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NOTICE – COMPETITION PLAYERS As a publicly owned facility the Club is required to make times available for social players both before and after competition times. Furthermore, the income derived from social play is an integral part of the Club’s finances and is a key element in maintaining the current membership fee levels. In light […]

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Scores to be Handicapped Under Section 10 of the GA Handicap System (version 28 August 2013) Northbridge Golf Club Policy on Scores to be Handicapped Under Section 10 of the GA Handicap System The GA Handicap System has been designed to be flexible enough to cater for the vast array of different club cultures, environments, […]

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NO REFUND POLICY ON COMPETITION FEES In all circumstances there will not be a refund of a competition fee once a player has teed off in the competition. Should a competition be abandoned by the Club then the prize component of the money collected will be allocated as additional prize for the following week’s competition. […]

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Requests For Amendments To Membership Fees

The following information is to provide guidelines for the Board to follow when considering requests from members.  In every case the Board will take into consideration the circumstances involved and will use its discretion in terms of the guidelines below. Reasons a member may seek a financial benefit from Northbridge Golf Club: Personal illness/accident Family […]

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