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Golf News

Tomorrow’s event is proudly sponsored by Vivek Sood – Traders Cup.


Next Saturday (25 February) is the Northbridge Rotary Club Fund Raiser.  This is a special day that Rotary run to raise money for charity.


Comp fee will be $20 – Rotary will be putting up a host of extra prizes.



Open to 7 Day members only – (7 Day Trial Members not eligible)

The nomination form is at the office or ring the office on 9958 6900 (dial 1) or email Deborah at

Find a partner and enter this very popular club event.

1st Round                   8 April
2nd Round                 22 April
Quarter Finals          29 April
Semi Finals               6 May
FINAL                        13 May

The Committee will allocate and reserve starting times for all matches in all rounds to be round the middle of the comp.