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1st Hole NTP Knockout - March 8th 2019


The format for the event will be up to 64 players in groups of four for Round 1.

There will be three tees set up on the 1st Tee with varying degrees of difficulty for players in each grade.

You must have a valid Golflink handicap to enter & a photo identification to validate your golflink, eg. Drivers license. Your GA Handicap will determine what grade you are in. No Slope rating applies. You GA Handicap will determine which Tee you will use. All players in the four will tee-off and the players who is nearest to the pin will be straight through to the next round. Regardless if on the green or not.

The 2nd nearest to the pin will be judged by the marshals using measuring devices. The judges decision will be final.

The other two players are eliminated from the event.

If all 4 players in the group go out-of-bounds then all 4 players will re-load.

If 3 out of 4 players go out of bounds, then the remaining 3 will re-load. With the one player who didn’t go out of bounds advancing to the next round.

This format will continue until we have the final 2 players. The winner and runner-up will be based on the nearest to the pin out of these final 2.

A Grade 0-12- Back tee 157 metres – (approximate – exact to be provided on the day)

B Grade 13-22- Middle tee 130 metres – (approximate – exact to be provided on the day)

C Grade 23-36- Front tee 115 metres – (approximate – exact to be provided on the day)

Players bring the Club they require for the distance they will be playing. The club will supply balls and tees but if you wish to use your own ball you are welcome to do so.

Prize for overall winner (based on 64 players registering) is $500 AUD (EFTPOS Card) .

Prize for runner -up $140 (based on 64 players registering) is $140AUD (EFTPOS Card).

HOLE-IN-ONE OFFER – should a person have a hole-in-one during this event it will not be recognised as a competition Hole-in-One. However, the prize on offer for the first person who gets a hole-in-one is 12 months 7 Day-Golf Membership of Northbridge Golf Club. This prize is not transferable. The prize can not be taken as cash. Membership will commence on 8th March 2019 and run until 7th March 2020.  This offer is only valid for the first hole-in-one of the event.

RAIN – If it is raining the event will still go ahead as planned.

By participation in the competition, players recognise any decisions regarding the event made by the Northbridge Match Committee are final