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Bill Dombkins

Bill Dombkins

Bill Dombkins Annual Trophy

Bill Dombkins was the Starter at the Club for over 25 years from the original starter box on the First tee. He was not a playing member of the club as he had only 2 fingers on one hand. A WWI Veteran and council employee he was a character of the course and after receiving a full military funeral his family donated the trophy for this annual event.

Thanks, Bill!

This Honour Board event named after the late Bill Dombkins involves a Male and Female player playing as a team where the best Stableford score of a team member is recorded for each hole. You may assist your partner as there is no individual event involved.

All 6 & 7 days members are eligible to participate. Juniors are also welcome.

The teams with the best eight scores will then play match-play knockout rounds.

2023 Winners

Winners – Linda & Seve Mills 
Runners Up – Ethan Twyman & Penny Shearman

2024 Dates (Bill Dombkins Memorial Trophy)

Entries Open 25th May 2024

Entries Close 16th June 2024

Sunday 30th June 2024 Mixed 4BBB Qualifying Round
Sunday 7th July  2024 Mixed 4BBB Quarter Finals
Sunday 14th July 2024 Mixed 4BBB Semi Finals
Sunday 21st July 2024 Mixed 4BBB Final


To be read in conjunction with local rules and Rules of Golf

  • This should be a fast game. If you can’t win the hole pick up. If you and your partner obviously can’t win the hole – concede it and move on. Don’t make opponents sink short putts unless you really think they might miss.
  • The event is a team’s handicap Match Play event, you may give your partner advice.
  • The winner of the match is the team that is more holes up than there are holes left to play.  If square after 18 holes the match must continue until a result is achieved. Any shots received in the first 18 holes are the same for any additional holes.
  • All players use their playing handicap that is determined when their GA handicap is adjusted by the Blue course slope rating and Red course rating for women. The playing handicap will be printed on the team score card. There is a maximum playing handicap of 27 men and 36 women.
  • The lowest marker in either team is the scratch marker, he gets no shots. The other players get a shot for each extra playing handicap number greater than the scratch marker’s handicap, i.e. if the scratch marker is off a playing handicap of 10 and the other players are all off 11, then those three players get a shot on one hole. If two players were off 11 and one player was off 20, two players would get a shot on one hole and one player would get a shot on 10 holes.
  • To determine on which holes players get a shot, use the match play index on the back of the score card.  You will see that if you have one stroke you get it on the 8th hole. If you had 10 strokes you would get all the even holes plus the 7th.
  • The team that is furthest away from the hole controls the play. That team may decide to play either of their balls. If a team plays out of order their opponents can ask them to cancel the shot and play in the correct order.
  • Honour on the first tee is according to the draw.
  • Pages 130 to 134 of the Rules of Golf lists the relevant rules sections for Fourball  Play.

Previous Winners

Sue Hawker & David Stickland
2022 Winners

Sally McBride & David Stickland
2021 Winners

Tony Lewis and Pauline Beckton
2020 Winners

Jody Barnes and Pete Banbury 2019 Winners