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Currently the practice for Medal rounds where play is washed out, is to replay the Medal round at the next available opportunity. However In the event that extreme wet weather causes the play of a Medal to be suspended, and yet some players complete their round, a policy has been decided to determine if Medals will be awarded.

This is required because potentially a number of players may complete their rounds while the majority of the field is washed out. The importance of a Monthly Medal means that a Medal should not be awarded if for example only one person completed their round. Similarly if three players finished and each was in a different grade it would not be appropriate to award three Medals.

The Match Committee has determined that two conditions must exist for Monthly Medals to be awarded.
1. A minimum of 50% of the registered field must return a valid score after playing 18 holes. A valid score includes disqualified. 
2. A minimum of five players in a grade must return a score for a Medal to be awarded. If less than five then no Medal awarded in that grade. 

In the situation where 50% of the field is not achieved as determined by the Match Committee, the players who did complete will be handicapped and prizes awarded at the discretion of the Match Committee. Any unallocated prize monies will be added to the pool for the replayed Medal round.

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