Northbridge Golf Club

Noel Weir

Noel Weir

Noel Weir Singles Knockout

This honour board event was originally known as the Victory Singles. A trophy was presented by Roy Greer and in 1971 it was changed to its present name in memory of Noel Weir who was the club captain for 19 consecutive years.

The event is open to all Full 7 Day Financial Members. This includes junior members.

This is a match play event using full handicap difference.

The Maximum handicap is 27 (you may still play if your handicap is higher but you must play off 27). The lowest marker plays off scratch, the opponent receives strokes based on the difference in handicaps, e.g. lowest player off 10, opponent off 12, the opponent gets a stroke on two holes. The holes at which he gets the strokes is determined by the Match index on the bottom of the score card. In this case they would be holes 8 and 12. If there is more than an 18 difference the extra strokes are given in the same order of holes, e.g. 19 difference, opponent receives two strokes at the 8th hole. The winner is the player who is more holes up than there are holes left to play.

The event is limited to 64 competitors.

2023 Dates

Entries Open 10th June 2023
Entries Close 1st July 2023

Round # 1 Saturday 15th July
Round # 2 Saturday 22nd July
Round # 3 Saturday 29th July
Quarter Final Saturday 12th August
Semi Final Saturday 19th August
Final Saturday 26th August

Conditions Of Entry

(To be read in conjunction with Major Event conditions)

  • Open to Full 7 Day Financial Members only (No Trial Offer Members).

  • Junior Members are eligible.

  • Handicap limit 27 (You may play if your handicap is higher but you must play off 27)

  • Full handicap difference.

  • Motorised carts and caddies allowed.

  • Local Rules of the Day apply.

  • All matches must be played on the scheduled dates and in the allocated times.

  • If the course is closed on any competition day all rounds will be rescheduled by the Match Committee.

  • You must play to your playing handicap of the day – Blue course – maximum 27.

  • A referee will be appointed for the final.

  • The Match Committee will allocate and reserve starting times for all matches in all rounds in approximately the middle of the comp. Competition times, dates and conditions may be varied at the Match Committee’s discretion.

  • By entering this competition, you are agreeing to the competition conditions.