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As we approach the end of another year, I felt it important to update members on recent developments at your club and share with you some of our plans for the coming year.

At November’s Annual General Meeting, the special resolution to extend the age of our Senior Intermediate membership category to 30 was unanimously approved.  We view this as an important step in the drive to broaden our overall membership.

Also at that meeting Beverley Lewis was elected to the Board of Directors.  It is very pleasing to welcome such a high calibre and skilled person as Bev, but also to see that the club enjoys a healthy balance of continuity and Board member refreshment, with new directors elected at each of the past 3 AGMs.

From a finance perspective, operational performance year to date has been strong and is tracking ahead of budget.  In the last month we completed the sale of four of the club’s gaming machine entitlements, with plans to divest the remaining three machines in due course. 

I am also pleased to confirm that the term debt incurred some 10 years ago to build the water retention/dam facilities on holes 2, 3 and 13 will be fully repaid in the first quarter of 2019.  Removing the cashflow burden of this borrowing will free up valuable funds for positive investment in club facilities.

On the course, once Willoughby City Council completes the resurfacing of Northbridge Oval, we will be in a position to finalise the paths and landscaping around the 4th tee and 1st green.  This is expected in the first quarter of 2019.  To help streamline important course procedures and free up staff for other works, we have purchased new coring and turf cutting machinery. You will also see that the 12th green bunker renovations carried out in house by our ground staff is now complete.  We intend to undertake similar work on the 5th and 10th bunkers as resources free up.

Following testing of a range of electric cart models, the current fleet of 25 will be replaced with new EZYGO carts, which have been placed on order for delivery in February. The revamped cart hire system, which was seamlessly implemented earlier this year, will continue to assist in optimising management of the new carts. 

In the clubhouse, we have employed new staff in both the office and bar.  Please make them welcome as they settle into these roles.

After a number of years of focus on course reconstruction, 2019 promises to be a year of positive investment and improvement in our course and clubhouse facilities.

On behalf of the Board, management, contractors and staff we look forward to sharing this bright future with you and wish you a safe and happy new year.

Philip Lewis