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Requests For Amendments To Membership Fees

The following information is to provide guidelines for the Board to follow when considering requests from members.  In every case the Board will take into consideration the circumstances involved and will use its discretion in terms of the guidelines below.

  • Reasons a member may seek a financial benefit from Northbridge Golf Club:
  1. Personal illness/accident
  2. Family member illness/accident
  3. Return to employment
  4. Change in personal circumstances
  5. Temporary relocation (outside of Sydney)
  • A Member must apply in writing to the Board.
  • It should be unplanned and unscheduled illness or accident and not for example, a holiday.
  • To be eligible, the member must have annual golf membership in the same and/or greater category for a minimum period of five (5) years.
  • The ‘Financial Benefit’ is granted in the year following and not the current financial year.
  • The maximum period of any ‘financial benefit’ shall be limited to pro rata three (3) months.
  • A member shall be eligible for only one period of “financial benefit” during their total period of Club membership.