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Watch this space for some rule scenarios:

Immovable Obstructions

Stakes used to define hazards and garden (half way area), are immoveable obstructions at Northbridge, however not all courses apply this local rule.

If your ball is in a hazard – red or yellow stakes you cannot remove stakes, and get no relief from a stake when in the hazard. If your ball is outside the hazard and the stake interferes with your stance or swing – you may drop the ball within one club of the nearest point of relief no nearer to the hole.

If your ball is obstructed by an Out of Bounds stake which is white with a black top – you get no free relief despite whether you are in or out of bounds. OOB stakes are fixed and cannot be removed.

If your ball is in the garden area (worm farm) at the half way house you may get a free drop out of that area. If the white stake obstructs your ball if you are outside the area, you may get free relief at the nearest point no closer to the hole.

The green posts used to support ropes or direct traffic are not stakes. They can be moved without penalty at any time. Please remember to replace them.


Players seem to be confused about their options with the water hazards that have either yellow or red stakes.

 The yellow stakes define the dam between the 11th and 13th holes. If your ball goes in you have 3 options:

1. Replay from where you played your shot – playing third shot,

2. Play where it lies

3. Drop a ball at a spot that is an extension of the line from the flag through where your ball crossed the boundary of the hazard – there is no limit how far back you can go. You are playing your third shot. This would usually mean you are dropping behind the hazard and therefore hitting over it. You cannot simply drop a ball within two club lengths of the point of entry.

The red stakes define lateral water hazards. The options available are exactly the same as for yellow stakes except that there are two additional options. These are:

1. Drop a ball within two club lengths of the point of entry or

2. Drop a ball within two club lengths of a point that is on the opposite side of the hazard and is equidistant from the hole. Again you are playing your third shot.

If you do not drop according to the above rules there is a two shot penalty. In addition if you gained a significant advantage by dropping incorrectly you may possibly be disqualified.

In Matchplay the penalty is loss of hole.

Rule 26.1