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Scores to be Handicapped Under Section 10 of the GA Handicap System (version 28 August 2013)

Northbridge Golf Club Policy on Scores to be Handicapped Under Section 10 of the GA Handicap System

The GA Handicap System has been designed to be flexible enough to cater for the vast array of different club cultures, environments, and local experiences, throughout Australia.  To this end, there is a small number of scenarios and event types for which the handicap system enables a club to develop its own policy on whether or not they should be handicapped.

Northbridge Golf Club has decided that the relevant GA recommendation around each of these items will not apply for play that is under our jurisdiction except in the specified categories. The categories and their handicapping situation, are listed below. 

A.      Conforming Social Scores of Members for rounds played at any course.   NOT HANDICAPPED

B.       Good Four-ball scores.  NOT HANDICAPPED

C.       9-hole scores (and any other scores made over 8-17 holes).  HANDICAPPED

D.      Scores returned in Aggregate Teams Events.  NOT HANDICAPPED

E.       Scores returned in Pro-Am Events.  NOT HANDICAPPED

F.       Good scores returned in Corporate/Trade Days that have been conducted by an entity that is not affiliated with GA.  NOT HANDICAPPED

G.      Scores returned in a Competition that has been Declared Null and Void.  HANDICAPPED

H.      Scores returned in Novelty Events such as Bisque Par and Three-Ball Competitions.  NOT HANDICAPPED

I.        The score of a Player who has Played Within a Competition Field but who Hasn’t Entered the Competition.  NOT HANDICAPPED

J.        Good scores from a Competition that has as a Playing Condition That Players are Limited to a Number of Clubs that is Less than 14.  NOT HANDICAPPED

Match Committee, Northbridge Golf Club, 10 December 2013